Season 3 Finale: Tiny Le Mans

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Season 3 is coming to an end, and that can mean only one thing: the Gathering of Tweakers Season 3 Finale!

Tiny le mans

General Information

This season, the Gathering of Tweakers organizes the Tiny le Mans. We stick to our Team setup formula. Each team consists of two drivers, each driving a different car in a separate class.

This time we use the Ford GT 2017 & Ford GT-R and will fight to the finish in a 20 & 70 minute multi-class battle at Road Atlanta at two different layouts.

The overall winner of this event will be the team with the most points combined in the 70m race. There will be no points in the 20m race. Instead, the result will be used as the starting grid for the 70m race.



You’re also invited to join GoT Event Teamspeak server.

At our Teamspeak server you find 43 Team garages, choose one for your team.

If you want to be interviewed by the broadcast crew after one of the races please join in the “Broadcast Crew” area the “Waiting for interview” channel.


Password: got-event


Broadcast and iRacing Live will cover the race live through the following channels:

Racepot.TV: YouTube: channel (The direct link to the broadcast will be published later)

iRacing Live:


Custom Paint Schemes Optional but encouraged

We would like to see as much as possible Custom Paint Schemes as it makes the live broadcast much interesting to look at. Just use Trading Paints as the broadcasters and most of the drivers have that running.


Event details

Date: September 10th 2017

Track: Road Atlanta

We use the short config for the 20m, and we will be using the full course for the 70m race.

Cars: Ford GT GTE & Ford GT GT2


20m qualify/sprint race followed by a 70m main race.

Setups: Open, but setups will be shared in the practice sessions.

Grid: Rolling Start. Race 1 mixed start and race 2 split by class.

Fast repairs: None in race 1 & 1 in race 2

Fuel limit:

Ford GT 2017: 74L (76%)

GT2: 82L (84%)

Cautions: None

Weather: Dynamic weather

Track state: Automatic

Time of day: Morning

Server: NL – AMS


Time details

Times in GMT / UTC:

Sunday June 10th:

14:50 – 18:20 (03:30): Free Practice on Road Atlanta Short

18:20 – 18:30 (00:10): Qualification, 1 Lone lap on Road Atlanta Short

18:30 – 18:50 (00:20): 20m qualification race on Road Atlanta Short


18:50 – 19:00 (00:10): Short break for to setup the second server in our league


19:00 – 19:10 (00:10): Warm-up for the main race on Road Atlanta Full Course

19:10 – 20:20 (01:10): 70m race on Road Atlanta Full Course. Starting grid will be the result of the 20m race.



As iRacing doesn’t support gridding based on a previous multiclass race properly, there are two important notices:

  • Race 1 will not use classes, and will place every driver in the same class.
  • Race 2 will use classes as usual, but will not be gridded by class (this is impossible). Due to the natural speed difference most faster class cars should be ahead of the slower class anyway.  

Please be aware of a possible mixed grid at the start of the second race, and be extra careful in race 1 to avoid having to start behind the slower class!


Extra practice:

Saturday September 9th

16:00 – 22:00 (06:00): Two simultaneous Free Practices. One on the short and one on the full course

All session can be found in our Special Events League.


Team racing

To register, please consider registering as a team of 2 drivers (one Ford GT 2017, one Ford GT GT2). If you cannot find a teammate, you can register alone and will be placed in a team by us. In that case, please check the number of solo drivers so far and their cars, we cannot match up 20 solo drivers if they’ve chosen the same car!



The winner of this event is the team with the most points combined. So both drivers need to finish well to have a shot at winning this event.


Point per race


Live marshals

This time we do not offer live race control as we all join the race this time. Normal iRacing rules & sporting code will be applied.

The organization still has the right to hand out penalties (drive-through all the way to a DQ) if things escalate in any way.

Especially behaviour during the sprint race is looked at!



Unfortunately, we feel mandated to impose a small minimum license restriction before you are eligible to race.

Minimum road license: C class

Minimum road iRating: 1500

Gathering of Tweakers community members who do not meet these restrictions may be allowed to race at the discretion of the organization.


Podium after the Chequered Flag

Drivers are invited to join the at our TeamSpeak server the “Waiting for interview” channel in the “Broadcast Crew” area for a interview by our broadcast crew.


Password: got-event




Registration is done at the thread at the iRacing Forum:


Current registrations:


We hope to see a full grid!


Gathering of Tweakers: Serious iRacing with a Smile


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