GoT Grand Tour

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In Season 2 of 2012 we started with a weekly tournament on Tuesdays and in Season 3 of the same year we changed the day of the week to Mondays and the name to Monday Tournament.

From Season 2 2017 the name changed to GoT Grand Tour and from Season 3 2017 we are back on the Monday and have selected a greater variety of cars for the 12 races.

This Tournament is a free for all members of our League and hosted in our iRacing League. To join our League you must have an D license or higher and an iRating above 1500 (waved for community members).

Every Season we race for 12 weeks with a great variety of cars and every week on a different track.

The full program of the current season can be found in our Calendar and our Tournament Site.

Characteristics of our GoT Grand Tour


  • Varying cars and tracks in challenging and interesting combinations.
  • Sessions every Tuesday evening starting at 20:00 CET until about 22:00 CET.
  • Sessions consist typically of 60 minutes practice, 10 minutes lone qualifying and 45 minute races or two heats (20 & 30 minutes) with the second grid fully inverted based on the first heat.
  • Sometimes limited fuel to force a pitstop, just for fun.

Session Details

Weather conditions will be realistic weather and track conditions will be automatic.


For drivers outside of our GoT community, we impose a small minimum license restriction before you are eligible to join our league.

  • Minimum road license: D 3.0+
  • Minimum road iRating: 1500

(Not applicable to Benelux GoT community members!)


Time details

A typical session lasts from 20:00 – 22:00 CET.

Practice: 20:00 – 21:00 CET
Qualify: 10 minutes depending on track

  • 1 heat race: 45 minutes, sometimes with forced pitstop.
  • 2 heat race: 20 + 30 minutes, reversed grid in heat 2.

Scoring and Bonus Points

Points will be in a linear style for this season:

30, 29, 28, 27, 26, 25, … 1

This ensures that also slower drivers get points and can compete instead of getting 0 points every race. It also makes it a lot more difficult to win the tournament in the end.

For a 2-heat races, heat 1 scores slightly higher points:

Heat 1: 18, 17, 16, 15, … 1

Heat 2: 12, 11, 10, 9, … 1

There are 4 drop-weeks.

Bonus points

Bonus points can be acquired via several ways:

  • Pole position in first heat: 1 bonus point
  • Fastest lap over both heats: 1 bonus point

Bonus for incidents

The top-3 least amount of incidents will receive 3, 2, and 1 bonus point. That means you can earn 3 points if you have the least amount of incidents.

To be eligible for points you must finish at least 80% of the leader’s race distance.

Register for our League

The sessions will be hosted under our Gathering of Tweakers league. You must register for our league to be able to join the sessions.

Besides joining our league, you are invited to join our own Tournament Website. You can view the details and register for each race here. Please consider registering for the races you want to attend so that we can see how many people will join.

The tournament standings will be kept in a completely automated way by the website and can be found at the Tournament Website.

The point standings can only be viewed if you have an account so please consider signing up via our website!

Useful Links

A calendar which consists all events organized or attended by us

Races per week
Overview of all races at our public forum

League page
Register for our league to gain access to our sessions.

Tournament website
Overview of race sessions, registration for individual races and tournament point standings.

Account registration
Register for an account on our Tournament website to register for races and view point standings.

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