Tonight – Test race

Tonight we host a test race for the teams in the Gathering of Tweakers Endurance Series. This test race is useful for the admins but also for the competing teams. We will use the race to test some race control systems and the TeamSpeak server, while the teams can use the race to get used to the competition and to the multiclass interaction. We think it is an invaluable experience to get a “free race” worth of experience in this test race!

The race will not be mandatory, if a team cannot make it, that is too bad but no problem. 

Only 1 driver is needed to participate in the test race, there is no minimum driver count in this case to give teams a better chance of being able to join at relatively short notice. But we do urge the teams to try a driver swap if at all possible because it is a good idea to test this in race conditions before the season starts.

The use of our TeamSpeak server is mandatory just like in the real races.

Teams on the waiting list are welcome, but keep in mind that our race control systems may not work completely correctly for those teams due to technical challenges.

Session details

The test race will be held today, and the race will start at 18:30 GMT.

Track: Silverstone – Grand Prix
Fast repairs: 1
Teams: 1 – 6 drivers – Only GES teams / TeamID’s allowed.
Fuel: limited to 80% to force a pit stop
Weather: Default iRacing
Track state: random starting conditions, carry over, no marble cleaning
Password: Sent to all team managers by Email

Time schedule

Practice: 17:30 – 18:20 GMT (50 minutes)
Qualification: 18:20 – 18:28 GMT (8 minutes – lone)
Driver briefing: 18:28 – 18:30 GMT (2 minutes)
Race: 18:30 – 19:30 GMT (60 minutes)

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