No GES Season 4 this year

Regretfully we have to share the news that there will be no GES championship this season. Due to lack of time from both organisors, we feel that we cannot set up another season with the same quality that you are used to. Since we do not want to leave you with a bad experience, we have decided to halt the GES until further notice. We will do our best to continue with Season 4 at a later time, if both of our schedules have freed up.

In case you were already planning to participate, we suggest you try to join the NEO Endurance Series instead. NEO uses a similar rule set and schedule so you should feel right at home.

We would like to thank all drivers and teams that participated in the past three seasons. We have enjoyed every race and hope that you feel the same!

Nick Thissen & Joep Willemsen
Gathering of Tweakers iRacing Community
Serious iRacing with a Smile

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