GoT Monday Supercup – New fun series!

The GoT Monday Supercup is a new series hosted by Gathering of Tweakers. Using the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, the Supercup consists of twelve weeks of racing. Most races are 45 minutes in length, but two races consist of double-headers of 20 and 30 minutes each (top 8 reversed grid). Races are hosted on Monday evening (GMT time zone), except for those around Christmas and New Years.

The Tournament is free to enter for all League members and hosted in our iRacing League. To join our League you must have a C license or higher and a iRating above 1700 (waived on the discretion of the Coordination Team for registered GoT community members).

Our grids are always nicely varied so both the fastest and the slower drivers can find competition!

The full program of the current season can be found in this post and at our site in the Calendar and here on our Dutch forum.


iRacing forum thread
A dedicated to this tournament.

Why a weekly race on Mondays?
We started organizing this tournament because of the vacuum on the Monday being the last day of the race week with all SOF race already done in the weekend.

We made it a Tournament to give the regular participants an overall scoring, but the whole idea is that they are 12 individual races. So if you only can join 2 of the 12 race you are also welcome in this tournament.

So do not hesitate and join the fun!

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