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Skin Pack

all_carsThe provided zip-file must be unzipped in the paint-directory of the iRacing-directory.

Download the zip and navigate with the explorer to ‘My Documents\iRacing\paint\’ and unzip all files there. We have taken care of the directory structure in the paint-directory!

Download link: Get the latest Skin Pack Here!

Full Replay of the races

  1. 4H of Rd America
  2. 3H of Imola
  3. 4H of Motegi (Night)
  4. 3H of Nürburg
  5. 4H of Spa

GES / GoT Graphics

We provide a graphic set containing all our decals, posters and logos to be used on your car livery / website / Facebook and Twitter account. Download it here: GES S3 Graphic Set

Decal examples

These files are only to align your custom livery with the decals from the GES Season 3.
Do NOT incorporate the decals in your livery!
We take care of the distribution of the decals before each race to all drivers and the broadcast team.

You can use the .tga files renamed to car_decal_yourcustid.tga and put in the right paint-directory to test if the alignment looks ok in iRacing.
And the .png-files are to import in your paint program to align your livery.

Do not change the .tga or .png files because they will be used unchanged by us!

GES S3 Decals