The Benelux Gathering of Tweakers (GoT) iRacing community has grown immensely over the last years. We currently have about 150 community members and a lot of members in our iRacing league!

The GoT-iRacing community is known to be an open group of helpful and fair drivers who just like to talk about iRacing and like to have some fun and fair races (“serious racing with a smile!”) in both official series and our own hosted tournaments and training sessions.

Even though iRacing is called a ‘sim’ by most people, it is still a fun game and while serious and hard racing is the norm, it won’t impact your life (or income). Of course it is possible to lose control of your emotions occasionally in the heat of battle, this is a part of the game and therefore people on the receiving end should not take this too seriously. And it would be nice if it is followed by some genuine excuses.

During the last years we have had a small (varying) group of people who organize the various activities and we feel everything has gone smoothly so far except for the inevitable tensions that racing sometimes brings along.

As with any growing community, in the last two years some unwritten rules and guidelines have emerged naturally, which may not be familiar to everyone, which is why we found it a good idea to write some of these guidelines down. Most of them will be logical but it is good to remind everyone once in a while.


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