Do’s and Don’ts (EN)



The Dutch Gathering of Tweakers (GoT) iRacing community has grown immensely in the last years. We currently have about 150 community members and even more members in our iRacing league!

The GoT-iRacing community is known to be an open group of helpful and fair drivers who just like to talk about iRacing and like to have some fun and fair races (“serious racing with a smile!”) in both official series and our own hosted tournaments and training sessions.

Even though iRacing is called a ‘sim’ by most people, it is still a fun game and while serious and hard racing is the norm, it won’t impact your life (or income). Of course it is possible to lose control of your emotions occasionally in the heat of battle, this is a part of the game and therefore people on the receiving end should not take this too seriously. And it would be nice if it is followed by some genuine excuses.

During the last two years we have had a small (varying) group of people who organize the various activities and we feel everything has gone smoothly so far except for the inevitable tensions that racing sometimes brings along.

As with any growing community, in the last two years some unwritten rules and guidelines have emerged naturally, which may not be familiar to everyone, which is why we found it a good idea to write some of these guidelines down. Most of them will be logical but it is good to remind everyone once in a while.

Race / practice rules:

  • During all of our hosted sessions and league races, the latest version of the iRacing Official Sporting Code applies.
  • It is highly recommended (if not ‘mandatory’) to enable your ‘Relative (F3)’ blackbox while driving, so that you know who is driving around you.
  • Please use the Spotter.
  • If you happen to spin and come to a stop on the track, stop your car from moving as soon as possible and wait until there is enough time to move (F3), or use the reset / tow. Driving into oncoming traffic is always avoidable and may ruin the race for a lot of people.
    Similarly, if you go off track, make sure you are clear to move onto the track and not into the path of other drivers.
  • You cannot win the race in the first turn. There is no need to make a daredevil move early in the race, let the field settle and stretch out a bit first. Remember our races are about fun: nobody has any fun if half the field is wrecked before turn 1.
  • After you finish there may still be people on their last lap. Please hold the chatter and don’t deliberately start crashing your car until everyone has finished (remember that we often hand out penalties for incidents, which still count until everyone has finished!).
  • If you cause an accident, it is common sense to apologize to everyone involved. Mistakes happen and nobody will hold a grudge if you admit your mistake, but walking away without apologizing is not encouraged.

Communication via iRacing (voice) chat

  • During practice sessions, text and voice chat are free to use, but please behave normally.
  • During qualification or race sessions, text and voice chat are only allowed to communicate relevant information.
  • Don’t discuss incidents at length during the race, but keep it private to those involved (e.g. private message), or wait until the race has finished.
  • As we usually have international drivers, we try to speak English at all times.

GoT-iRacing community admins

  • The members of the GoT organization team are always session administrators in our hosted sessions and league races. This means they have the ability to disqualify or even remove drivers from the session in case of extremely unwanted behavior. These actions will only be used in extreme circumstances and have never been used yet, let’s keep it that way!
  • The administrators can hand out warnings to drivers showing unwanted behavior (voice chat, driving dangerously, etc). Please listen to these instructions as they benefit the whole group.
  • After the race, in case of excessive accidents or similar the administrators may review the replay of the race and approach individuals with tips for bettering their behavior. Again, this is rare, and if you are involved in such a case please take it as a helpful tip rather than a slap on the wrist.
  • When drivers continue to show unwanted behavior after repeated warnings we may be forced to remove them from the league.

GoT-league membership

  • You must be a member of our GoT iRacing league to be able to join our sessions.
  • You will only be accepted if your (road) iRating is at least 1700 and you have a proven safe driving record.
  • This limit is waived for GoT-community members.

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