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GoT Tsukuba Skippy Fun

10 March @ 15:45 : 17:45

Registration opens #soon 😉


The 2019 Season 1 is coming to an end, and that can mean only one thing: the Gathering of Tweakers Season Finale!

GoT Tsukuba Skippy Fun

General Information

The GoT Tsukuba Skippy Fun is an event consisting of a one lap lone qualifier, a 15 minutes sprint race and a 90 minutes main race with grid based on the sprint race results. It all evolves  at Tsukuba 2000 Full and all competitors use the Skip Barber Formula 2000


Global SimRacing Channels and iRacing Live will cover the race live through the following channels:

GSRC channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/GSRCBroadcasting/ (The direct link to the broadcast will be published later)

iRacing Live: http://www.iracing.com/live/

Custom Paint Schemes Optional but encouraged

We would like to see as much as possible Custom Paint Schemes as it makes the live broadcast much interesting to look at. Just use Trading Paints as the broadcasters and most of the drivers have that running.

Car numbers

Car numbers are managed by iRacing.

Event details

Track: Tsukuba 2000 Full for both races

Car: Skip Barber Formula 2000

Setups: Open

Grid: Standing starts

Fast repairs: None

Fuel limits: TBD%. Count on one fuel stop during the main event.

Cautions: None

Weather: Dynamic weather

Track state: 40% start of practice, 40% start of Qualification, Carried over to the race

Marbles: Cleared after each session

Time of day Sprint: Sunrise

Time acceleration Sprint: 1x

Time of day Main Race: Morning

Time acceleration Main Race: 1x

Server: NL – AMS

Maximum Grid size: 60 cars

Time details

Date: Sunday March 10th

Times in GMT

Free Practice: 13:00-14:40 (01:40)

Lone Q: 14:40-14:45 (00:05)

Sprint Race: 14:45-15:00 (00:15)

Pause / Setup Server: 15:00-15:05 (00:05)

Warmup: 15:05-15:15 (00:10)

Main race: 15:15-16:45 (01:30)

Times in CEST

Free Practice: 14:00-15:40 (01:40)

Lone Q: 15:40-15:45 (00:05)

Sprint Race: 15:45-16:00 (00:15)

Pause / Setup Server: 16:00-16:05 (00:05)

Warmup: 16:05-16:15 (00:10)

Main race: 16:15-17:45 (01:30)

Saturday March 9th a practice server runs for 4 hours from 13:00-17:00 GMT (14:00-18:00 CET)

Race control & off track management

On Track behaviour

There will be no real Live Race Control, but at least one of our community members will monitor behavior and can hand out penalties. Protesting is not possible.


Unfortunately, we feel mandated to impose a small minimum license restriction before you are eligible to race.

Minimum road license: C class

Minimum road iRating: 1500

Gathering of Tweakers community members who do not meet these restrictions may be allowed to race at the discretion of the organization.

Interviews after the Chequered Flag

Drivers can join the GSRC discord server for an interview after the race.

GSRC Discord address: https://discord.gg/spXR5t9


By joining the race, it is assumed that you have fully read and understood the iRacing FIRST Sporting Code.

During Qualification & Race the use of text and voice chat in the Driver channel is forbidden.

Just before the first free practice we sent out a short Drivers Briefing with the last details about the event. This is done through the League email functionality.

Please share this info on Social Media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1076653809159548/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GoT_Endurance

Website: https://www.got-racing.eu

About us

Gathering of Tweakers (GoT) started mid 2011 and is an open community with and for addicted iRacers. Our motto is ‘Serious iRacing with a Smile’.

We are a Benelux Community with Dutch and Belgium members. We accommodated in de past years over 700 drivers from all over the world in our series and one-off races.

We organize weekly a Monday Tournament race, every 13 weeks a Season Final and Monday Madness and iRacing Schools. We also organized the GoT Endurance Series, but had to stop due to a lack of time.

The amount of active drivers has grown spectaculair over the last few years!

We have over 150 active Benelux drivers scattered over the various levels of iRacing from Rookie to World Championship drivers.

For several Endurance Series we form (ad-hoc) teams consisting drivers from our community.

In our iRacing League we have over 250 registered drivers from countries all over the world.

This growth is in our opinion caused because we are a very open community, with a friendly motto and not the least important we have no commercial strings whatsoever and we are keeping that far away to keep this community as accessible as we want.

The goal of our community is:

Be a homebase for iRacers;

– Help each other with setting up and learn our way around in iRacing;

– Organize different types of Racing Schools;

– Share car setups;

– Host races and series;

– Practice together for (official) races;

– Form ad-hoc teams to compete in endurances series;

– The team behind GoT iRacing consist of a few iRacers who devote their free time in realizing this all.


10 March
15:45 : 17:45
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