Got Monday Skippycup is big FUN!

Every week we organize races in our League to sharpen our close racing skills. This season we focus on the Skip in a 12 week Tournament. Yesterdays was as always a lot of fun!

Below two broadcasts of this awesome evening consisting of two heats. The first heat was 20 and the second 30 minutes with the second heat having a Top 10 inverted grid based on the first heat.

Below you can watch in cockpit view Joep Willemsen and Marco Derix their adventures during 50 minutes of adrenaline.

We added also 3 video’s from Bjorn and Bas.

Joep Willemsen Heat 1 @ 0:17:00

Joep Willemsen Heat 2 @ 0:29:37

Marco Derix Heat 1 @ 1:03:13

Marco Derix Heat 2 @ 1:41:36

Bjorn Heat 1

Bjorn Heat 2

Bas Slob Heat 2

If you also want to join this fun which has every season a new setup and is already existing since 2012 join our league and if you’re living in the Benelux and speak Dutch / Flemish also join our community / forum.