Follow us during the 12H on the Glen

They say the Skippy’s tires last forever. Why don’t we find out?

The 2k World Cup presented by DES Simulation is proud to present the first Skip Barber team endurance race in the history of the 2k World Cup!

The event is open to everyone with a minimum iRating of 1500. All drivers in a team must meet the minimum iRating requirement.

The race will be 12 hours and start at 12:00 GMT on Saturday June 2nd 2018. The entire race will be broadcast live by Racespot TV!.

Race facts:

– Date: Saturday June 2nd 2018 at 12:00 GMT (see below for local times)
– Track: Watkins Glen, Boot layout (with chicane)
– Weather: dynamic, morning
– Qualifying: 3 laps, single car, before the race
– Race length: 12 hours
– Teams: max 4 drivers. Single driver is allowed
– Fast repairs: 1
Incident limit: 200 (!)
– Full tank fuel capacity (5.2 gallons)
– Full course cautions are possible
– Maximum number of teams: 50

Local start times:

– UK: 1:05 PM (13:05)
– CET: 2:05 PM (14:05)
– EDT: 8:05 AM
– CDT: 7:05 AM
– PDT: 5:05 AM
– AEST (Sydney): 10:05 PM (22:05)

Further details HERE

We join the fun with a GoT Racing Team consisting of:

  • Marco
  • Nick
  • Dirk
  • Joep (standby)

The whole race from our cockpit is covered below on YouTube.

Race 14:05 until 20:05 GMT from our cockpit

Race 20:05 until 02:05 GMT from our cockpit

Official broadcast by RaceSpot