Ruf Team Challenge 180 (RTC180) | October 26th, 2014 | S4 – 2013

Season 4 is coming to an end, and that can mean only one thing: the Gathering of Tweakers Season 4 Finale!

GoT Ruf Team Challenge 180 (RTC180)


General information 
The Gathering of Tweakers Ruf Team Challenge event once again builds on our previous Team Challenge races. This season, the Ruf Rt12 R Track and C-spec cars will fight to the finish for 180 miles of Road America (45 laps). There is once again a twist: every driver is part of a two man TEAM, and each team must consist of one Track and one C-spec car.

The two cars will each be in their own class and will also be gridded by class, but the only thing that matters at the end is your total team score: the sum of the points of both teammates. There is no individual winner, only the team with the most amount of total points wins!

Since each team consists of both cars, their speed difference does not matter and you can choose the car that you like, rather than the fastest car.

There will be a small prize for the winning team, and also a small prize for the driver with the least amount of incidents.

The race will be broadcasted by Global Sim Racing Channel (GRSC)!



Event details 
Date: Sunday January 19th, 2014 (NOT Monday as usual!).
Track: Road America.
Cars: Ruf Rt12 R Track, Ruf Rt12 R C-spec (each in their own class).
Length: 45 laps (~180 miles), probably about 95 minutes.

Setups: Open, but setups will be shared in the practice sessions.
Grid: Rolling start, gridded by class.
Fast repairs: 1
Fuel limits: 64%, expect 2 pitstops.
Weather: 18°C, 80% RH, 0 kph N wind, mostly cloudy.

Time details 

Times in GMT / UTC:
Sunday, January 19th
Practice: 18:00 – 19:30 (90 minutes)
Qualify: 19:30 – 19:45 (15 minutes, 4 laps lone)
Race: 19:45 – ~21:20 (45 laps, about 95 minutes)

Extra practice:
Saturday, January 18: 19:00 – 23:00 (4 hours)

Team racing 
The Team Racing aspect is unique to our Team Challenge events. Every driver is part of a two-man team, consisting of exactly one Ruf Track and one Ruf C-spec car. Points are awarded to each driver separately based on their class finishing positions. The final team score is simply the sum of these points. The overall winner of the race is therefore meaningless, only the final position of your team is what counts!

Team mates
You can choose your own team mate if you wish. If you do not have a team mate you can just sign up on your own, and you will be grouped with another driver semi-randomly (we will try to balance the teams a little bit in this case). Before signing up as a team make sure that the other driver agrees, don’t sign him up without his knowledge.

In case too many people sign up with the same car we will not be able to make the teams. Therefore, your car choice (in case you sign up on your own) will only be a primary car choice, and you may be assigned the other car when the teams are made so that we can make the teams. First come, first serve will apply in this case. Since the cars are pretty much the same we hope this is no problem.

Points are awarded for class finishing positions of each driver separately. Final team position is decided by the sum of points of both drivers. In case of a draw between teams, the team with the least amount of combined incidents wins. If there is still a draw in that case, the fastest laptime will decide the winner.

Points awarded simply start at 30 points for the class winner, and decrease by 1 point for every lower position: 30, 29, 28, 27, …

Unfortunately, we feel mandated to impose a small minimum license restriction before you are eligible to race.
Minimum road license: C class
Minimum road iRating: 1500

These restrictions are waived for Gathering of Tweakers community members.

To register for the race you are required to follow these two simple steps:

Go to the iRacing Forum Thread