iRacing Topic reaches Top 10 on GoT

Our homebase

As you may know our community forum resides on the forum (called Gathering of Tweakers – GoT) of the biggest Tech Site in the Benelux with over 4 million unique visitors and 100 million pageviews per month. The site belongs already for years to the Top-20 busiest sites in the Benelux.

When did it all start

In 2011 we started a modest iRacing topic in the Games part of the forum with about 15-20 dedicated and addicted iRacers.

How did we built it up

In the following years we organised all types of events. From simple one  time races to the well known “Gathering of Tweakers Endurance Series”. Most of our activities were always aimed in building a community accessible to all levels of iRacers and maintaining a culture of helping each other and having fun. So besides weekly races that resulted in frequently organised Schools for beginning drivers, but also aimed at the more experienced drivers to sharpen their skills in close racing and avoiding accidents.

What is achieved

Now at the start of 2020 we focussed fully on the Benelux with our activities and the figures below speak for itself:

  • Registered community members: 293
  • Registered members of our League in iRacing: 287
  • Every week: 2 race evenings with 3 heats
  • Drivers / race every week: 25-40

A new milestone!

And now for the first time in 8,5 years we reached the Top 10 of most active topics on the huge forum of

Link to the English version of the post with the Top 10 listing

Link to the Native Dutch version of the post with the TOP 10 Listing

We are very proud to accommodate this amount of iRacers in the Benelux and we hope to continue our growth, community spirit and positive atmosphere and mutual respect.


We try to keep real commercial influence as far away as possible, but some activities we organise such as our weekly races, go-kart events and hosting of this site wouldn’t be possible without the help of the following organisations & people (in random order):

  • iRacing for providing us with an ever evolving Simulator and helping us financial and non-financial if asked for.
  • Sim-Lab for supporting us with a prize for our weekly tournament and  a donation for our go-kart event & BBQ.
  • Heusinkveld Engineering for supporting our go-kart event & BBQ.
  • All community members who have donated by referral or with ‘real money’
  • And last but not least our active community members who are always available to help each other and keep the community going.

We feel a positive push by the new milestone and will continue to grow and maintain our community.