The 25th edition of our weekly tournament has twelve fun events with the GTEs following the official IMSA iRacing series.

Our tournament is planned prior to the weeks in iRacing and therefore a great opportunity to get your setup right and do some practice runs for the week to come.

The Tournament is free for all League members and hosted in our iRacing League. To join our League you must have a C license or higher and a iRating above 1700 (waved on the discretion of the Coordination Team for registered GoT community members).

The full program of the current season can be found in this post and at our site in the Calendar and here on our (Dutch) forum.


  • This season concentrate on the GTEs. 
  • 12 different tracks following the iRacing official series.
  • Sessions every Monday evening starting at 20:00 CET until about 22:00 CET.
  • Two weeks have a different raceday because of Christmas and New Year.
  • Sessions consist typically of 60 minutes practice, 15 minutes lone qualifying and 45 minute races. 
  • Limited fuel to force a pitstop, the same as in the official series.
  • First come, first served. All sessions have combined pit boxes to accommodate as many drivers as possible.

Session Details

Weather conditions will be realistic and track conditions will be 40%, carried forward and marbles are not cleared.


For drivers outside of our GoT community, we impose a small minimum license restriction before you are eligible to join our league.

  • Minimum road license: C+
  • Minimum road iRating: 1700

[i](waved on the discretion of the Coordination Team for registered GoT community members)[/i]

Time details

A typical session lasts from 20:00 – 22:00 CET.
Practice: 20:00 – 21:00 CET
Qualify: 15 minutes – Lone – 4 Laps
Race: 1 heat race: 45 minutes, with forced pitstop.

Scoring and Points

Condition to score any points

To score any points a driver must meet the following conditions:

  1. Driven at least 70% of the laps the race winner did.
  2. Not be disqualified.

Point for being on Pole Position

The driver who sets the best qualifying lap is awarded one (1) point.

Points per finish position

P1 etc. score as follows:

36, 33, 31, 30, 29, 28, 27 etc. to 0. P34 and on do not score position points.

Special bonus points

  • Pole position: 1 point
  • Leading the race for at least 3 laps: 2 point
  • Highest amount of gained positions during the race (minimum 3!) from start to finish: 3 point
  • Fastest race lap: 4 point
  • Finishing in the lead lap: 1 point

Point for clean driving

Each race the Kilometers Per Incident (KPI) are calculated per driver. This is done as follows:

KPI = Laps completed X Length of the Track / Amount of Incidents.

The scale for KPI ranges from 0 to 120. Points awarded are increasing according to the table below:

0 to 25 : No points
25 to 50: 1 point
50 to 75: 2 points
75 to 100: 3 points
100 to 130: 4 points
from 130 and more: 5 points

Drivers who had NO incidents during the race get one (1) extra point.

No Show Compensation (re-calculated after each race)

A maximum of two (2) no shows are compensated and the maximum no show compensation must be lower or equal to the amount of races participated in. So if a driver only attends one race only one no show is compensated.

  1. The first no show is compensated with 75% of the average points of the attended races.
  2. The second no show is compensated with 50% of the average points of the attended races.

These No Show compensation points are re-calculated after each round and can change per week!

100% participation compensation (re-calculated after each race) 

If a driver started all races his worst race points are replaced by the 75% of his average results. If the 75% of his average result is lower than the worst result, no compensation is done.

This is also re-calculated after each round and can change per week!

Series standings

The series standings are published om our site here:

Behavior / rules / Do’s and Don’ts

We expect from driver to comply with the iRacing rulebook for on-track behavior.

Please read our ‘rules’ (is it rules or just guidelines 😉 ) we call them Do’s and Don’ts here

Register for our League

The sessions are hosted under our Gathering of Tweakers league. You must register to our league to be able to join the sessions.

You must have a minimum iRating of 1700 and licence C or better and comply with our rules below.

When applying as GoT community member please send us your Tweakers GoT Nickname in the application otherwise the the minimum iR and SR are applied!

Useful Links


A calendar which consists all events organized or attended by us

Races per week

Overview of all races at our public forum

League page

Register for our league to gain access to our sessions.

So do not hesitate and join the fun!