For Season 3 – 2019 we return to the Skip following the official iRacing Series.

Every Monday before the next iRacing week we host a 2 Heat event with the first race being a 15 minute sprint race and the second race a 25 minute race.

Weather, time of day etc. are approx. the same as during the official series.

Time details

All session lasts from 20:00 – 22:00 CET.
Practice: 20:00 – 21:00 CET
Qualify: 15 minutes – Lone – 4 Laps
Followed by the two heats of 15 and 25 minutes separated by a 5 minute warmup.
Grid for Heat 2 has Top 10 reversed.

ATTENTION: Both heats take place at the same hosted server as we use Heat racing!

Scoring and Points

Condition to score any points

To score any points a driver must meet the following conditions:

  1. Driven at least 70% of the laps the heat winner.
  2. Not be disqualified.

Point for being on Pole Position

The driver who sets the best qualifying lap is awarded one (1) point.

Points per finish position

P1 etc. score as follows in Heat 1:

25, 21, 18, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12 etc. to 0.
P20 and on do not score position points in Heat 1.

P1 etc. score as follows in Heat 2:

50, 43, 38, 35, 33, 31, 30, 29, 28 etc. to 0.
P37 and on do not score position points in Heat 2.

Special bonus points

Only in Heat 1:

  • Pole position: 1 point

In both Heats

  • Leading the heat for at least 3 laps: 2 point
  • Highest amount of gained positions during the heat (minimum 3!) from start to finish: 3 point
  • Fastest race lap: 2 point
  • Finishing in the lead lap: 1 point

Point for clean driving

Each race the Kilometers Per Incident (KPI) are calculated per driver per Heat. This is done as follows:

KPI = Laps completed X Length of the Track / Amount of Incidents.

The scale for KPI ranges from 0 to 660. Points awarded are increasing according to the table below:

Up to 13.2 : No points
Above that but up to 26.4: 1 point
Above that but up to 39.6: 2 points
Above that but up to 52.8: 3 points
Above that but up to 66: 4 points
Above that: 5 points

Drivers who had NO incidents during the race get one (1) extra point.

Drop weeks

From the results of the Heats in Week 4 and on the worst six (6) Heat results are dropped from your score. If you did not attend a heat it’s considered as 0 points and can be dropped. After every two heats (1 week) the dropped weeks are calculated. 

Series standings

The series standings are published om our site here: KLIK

Behavior / rules / Do’s and Don’ts

We expect from driver to comply with the iRacing rulebook for on-track behavior.

Please read our ‘rules’ (is it rules or just guidelines 😉 ) we call them Do’s and Don’ts here

Register for our League

The sessions are hosted under our Gathering of Tweakers league. You must register to our league to be able to join the sessions.

You must have a minimum iRating of 1700 and licence C or better and comply with our rules below.

When applying as GoT community member please send us your Tweakers GoT Nickname in the application otherwise the the minimum iR and SR are applied!

Useful Links


A calendar which consists all events organized or attended by us

Races per week

Overview of all races at our public forum

League page

Register for our league to gain access to our sessions.

So do not hesitate and join the fun!