Weekly Dallara F3 race @ GoT

The 24th edition of our weekly tournament has twelve fun events with the Dallara F3 following the official iRacing series.

Our tournament is planned prior to the weeks in iRacing and therefore a great opportunity to get your setup right and do some practice runs for the week to come.

The Tournament is free for all League members and hosted in our iRacing League. To join our League you must have a C license or higher and a iRating above 1700 (waved on the discretion of the Coordination Team for registered GoT community members).

The full program of the current season can be found in this post and at our site in the Calendar and here on our (Dutch) forum.


  • This season concentrate on the Dallara F3. 
  • 12 different tracks following the iRacing official series.
  • Sessions every Monday evening starting at 20:00 CET until about 22:00 CET.
  • Two weeks have a different raceday because of Christmas and New Year.
  • Week 4 and 8 are 60 minute races!
  • Sessions consist typically of 60 minutes practice, 15 minutes lone qualifying and 45 minute races. 
  • Limited fuel to force a pitstop, the same as in the official series.
  • First come, first served. All sessions have combined pit boxes to accommodate as many drivers as possible.

Read all details at the Tournament page

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